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25% Off Sale for Motion Graphics & Animation.

Our 25% Off Sale for Motion Graphics & Animation sees prices for animated video slashed by a quarter, is this year held from the beginning of May until the end of October 2020.

So how much does it cost to make animated content?  Here is an example of a typical day’s production for a Facebook Ad, 8 hours in total, where two separate (pre-launch / out now) versions of the Ad were produced.

Elements of rotoscoping, matting, animation and editing resulted in a full working day needed to create this Ad.

Project Brief

  • 2 x 40″ Video ad for single release.
  • 1:1 Aspect ratio for Facebook timeline.
  • Animated supplied video footage into the cover artwork.
  • Delivery needed within 48 hrs.

The Solution

  • 1 x day using After Effects
  • Total budget £250

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    SEO Hampshire - Rate Card for Digital Services

    Standard Rate

    £45 Per hour


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    CRO Optimisation Services

    CRO Optimisiation Services CRO Optimisiation Services - CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation is the term used in improving the conversion

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    What Is Local Search Optimisation? Local search optimisation.  Part of the process of getting your business listed

    SEO Hampshire Clients & Projects

    We work for a wide range of clients and do a variety of projects – from website design with Drupal & WordPress, web hosting, search engine optimisation and content creation.


    Facebook Video Ad – DD Allen Seattle Lights’ – Using After Effects

    4 Hours Motion Graphics - This Facebook & Instagram promotional Ad for the release of DD Allen 'Seattle Lights' song. The video was also needed as a song preview (on mouse hover) on Spotify. The brief was to keep on brand (aka the album cover) & cut in provided B-roll footage.


    Corporate Content Design And SEO For Pylewell Park

    Transforming Pylewell Park's Corporate digital narrative with a tailored project aimed at boosting organic rankings. Meticulously curated corporate service content for heightened visibility and lasting page focus.


    Fast SEO Charged Site For Hampshire Wildlife Pest Control

    Super Fast Website For Hampshire Wildlife Pest Control Sometimes you have to step back to see the wood for the trees. HWPC asked for our help as their existing website was not generating any traffic and their paid clicks were not converting. Website: https://hwpestcontrol.co.uk/ About:  Hampshire Wildlife Pest Control

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    Creating branded content for over 20 years, with the technical skills to elivate your site to rank organically.   No hidden costs, no account management fees, we grow  your digital presence online.  Google accredited, SEO specialists that have a creative flair for video production & animation.

    Luke Kemp - Google Analytics Certified in 2017 - SEO Hampshire
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