123 seo approach for business seo hampshire

About SEO Hampshire Web Content, Development And SEO

Passionate about content, passionate about organic SEO.  We pledge that you will never find us by clicking on an Ad in Google's search network.

This site first launched on the 20th Jan 2020, we have been busy and learned a lot since then. May 2024 is the planned date of this website rebuild/relaunch.   If you can find us Online, we can do the same for you.

123 seo approach for business seo hampshire
Luke Kemp - SEO Hampshire
Luke KempWebsites // SEO // Content Creator
Luke has experience in a number of roles, from working in TV production as a producer, supporting bank payment systems for IBM to Dedicated Drupal development.. A combination of creativity, technical ability and a passion for the Internet.

Google accredited in 2017 for Adwords and Analytics,

As website technologies mature, SEO is needed more than ever,

He holds the personal belief that; with an anticipated growth of branded video (25% growth each year), websites are no longer a static commodity so created SEO-Hampshire to service this changing digital market.

SteveTechnical SEO
Steve has worked for SEO-Hampshire all his life. In charge of Technical Optimisation: Steves focus is primarily on the machines experience and its ability to interpret the content of the associated pages. Performing an SEO Audits and web checks he provides insights as to the ‘web bots’ ‘web crawlers’ journey throughout your website.

With technical SEO, Steve looks to improve upon the search engines ability to access, crawl, interpretation and indexing your website’s content.

EricAnalytical SEO
Eric is a boffin, he specialises in analytical SEO. He Identifies gaps for ranking opportunities and tracks data about the way visitors behave on your site. Their experience, duration, and exit points. Edward produces ongoing tracking reports which detail how websites can improve ranking on search engines.

His analysis commonly looks for and evaluates entrances, exits and duration of user visits. Edwards main skill is not in compiling reports, it is in interpreting the data being presented.

OliviaCreative SEO
Olivia is a creative, she never argues with people, only explains why she is right. She manages content creation, whether its an image, logo design, brochure, video, web copy or an entire website.

Olivia is focused on creating informative and promotional content for an enhanced user experience, designing content from researched terms, with a view to lowering bounce rates, increasing relevancy, page click-throughs rates and user visit duration. She also manages Adwords campaigns.