Hit Your Website’s Full Potential with Technical SEO & Diagnostics

In the digital marketplace, visibility is key to success. However, underlying technical issues can significantly hinder your website’s ability to rank high in search engine results.

We specialise in Technical SEO and diagnostics, employing advanced techniques and tools to identify and resolve issues that could be impacting your site’s performance and search engine visibility.  Some of the tools we use…

Comprehensive Diagnostics for Optimal Performance

We analyse every aspect, from crawl errors, and broken links, to improper redirects, ensuring nothing is left unchecked. Our detailed SEO reports provide a clear and comprehensive view of your site’s SEO health, including graphical representations and percentage scores across key areas like meta tags, content, and site structure.  Our diagnostic process identifies faults that may not be immediately apparent but can significantly impact your site’s search engine ranking.

However, it’s important to note that our analysis focuses on the technical aspects of SEO. While we pinpoint areas for improvement in a technical scan, assessing the quality of your content or the effectiveness and value of your keywords requires a deeper, more nuanced approach.

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Free SEO Scan

Just like a car mechanic, who expertly connects a diagnostics machine to uncover potential issues under the car's bonnet, our Free SEO Diagnostic Scan analyses a website's structure and performance, identifying key areas for improvements in order to boost online visability.
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Contact Luke Kemp

For assistance contact Luke Kemp, a versatile web developer, SEO and content creator who when not working with clients continues to develop digital output and integrate the services of his own brands.

Arrange an initial free diagnostic scan or call Luke if you need assistance.

SEO Diagnostic Scanning

SEO scanning software identifies areas of improvement in a similar way to a car mechanic uses a diagnostics machine, repeated scans during the optimisation process reveals progress and implemented improvements.

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Technical optimisation is the act, process, or methodology of making something (such as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible specifically: the technical procedures for data ingestion.

  • Site Speed Google has stated that site speed (and the resulting, page speeds) are one of the signals used by one of its algorithms used to rank pages. 
  • Meta tags are invisible tags associated with links and content which provide data about your page and its relevancy.  This data is used by the algorithm to return results from a user’s search term.  In short, they provide a description of what the content is about, and as such are vital for SEO.
  • Link tagging, heading structure, keyword injection Ensuring your relevant keywords are being served and ranked
  • Mobile Compatibility Mobile search will overtake desktop at some point in 2020.
  • Voice Search Estimations are that by 2021, over 50% of all internet searches will be done via voice.
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Benchmark SEO Scans To Track Improvements

A benchmark SEO scan of a client’s stylish Squarespace home living and crafts retail website reveals a typical scenario: an overall score of around 55%, underscoring the often-invisible faults that many websites face.

This example highlights the importance of SEO scans in detecting and addressing hidden issues to improve digital presence and search engine performance efficiently.

Tailored Strategies for Enhanced Search Visibility

Understanding the technical foundation of your website is just the beginning. Our team goes beyond merely identifying issues; we provide tailored solutions to enhance site performance and improve overall search ranking.

From optimising site architecture to ensuring mobile responsiveness and improving page load speed, we cover all bases to make your website more accessible to search engines and, ultimately, more engaging for users.

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Laying the Foundations for Content Excellence

A successful Technical Optimisation project and web build.  Recognising the importance of both technical precision and content quality, our approach sets the stage for further qualitative optimisations for content to be targeted at individual key phrases.

We ensure your website’s foundational SEO elements are flawlessly implemented, creating a solid base upon which to build effective content strategies and keyword optimisations.


Common Technical SEO Fixes

It is called Technical Optimisation, because it focuses on the structure of the site, content labelling, and page load time & speeds. The main goal of technical SEO is to optimise the website’s infrastructure. Common SEO fixes cam include…

Technical Optimisation FAQ

In a world of the Internet of things, everything need optimisation of one kind or another.

An optimised website earns more traffic

On the surface, the goal of SEO optimisation is to improve your site’s rankings in search results. But beyond that, the purpose of achieving high rankings is to attract more traffic — and ideally, to convert that traffic into customers and leads.

Is SEO worth the investment, for small businesses?

The better question to ask is what is the value of my keyword click if running a PPC Campaign?

PPC Keyword clicks vary wildly depending on the industry you’re in. Finance and mortgage lending PPC clicks can be as high as £50 whereas local businesses average around £0.50 to £2.00.

When you are receiving an organic click for your targeted keyword, you are in effect adding the same fiscal value to your business.

Is SEO worth the investment – Read the full “Is SEO worth the investment” FAQ

If you pay for an SEO service, SEO Costs in the UK are normally £250-1000 a month for small to mid sized companies.  Hourly SEO rates for freelancers and agency range between £35 and  £120 per hour.

Read the “How much does SEO cost in the UK?” faq.

ust about everyone in the SEO space will run off a free SEO audit.  We do too,  and like to think are a bit better because we dig a little deeper reading data from multiple sources, we score your UX and look at the source code as well.  Book Your Free Hour of SEO Now – One-hour Free Technical analysis for SEO

ollowing an audit, we will be able to see precisely where we need to make changes to your site.

We perform some keyword research to improve upon your headers if possible and run through the fixes one at a time.     Each time you see an update report you will see the value in your investment by watching the percentages go up.

This image shows the ongoing technical work for this website (Feb 10 2020).   At this time only one problem remains to be resolved within the site structure.

SEO-Hampshire SEO Audit

Most clients tell us they love seeing these reports, particularly the improvements graph.  Since they indicate we have been busy and instantly highlights the impact of our improvements.

The time it takes for Tech-SEO to be completed?

The duration of time needed to implement the suggested changes can vary depending upon the type of website (HTML, Drupal, WordPress) and the amount of content which needs updating.

For new clients on a monthly SEO plan,  we may sometimes do a code sprint, batching 2 or 3 months of allocated time into a couple of days.   For your business to grow online the foundations have to put in.  This is the definition of technical SEO on Wikipedia.

The Time It Takes For SEO To Start Working?

A golden question. And the answer is that it depends.  So what are the influencing factors?

  • How long your website has been around?
  • How much SEO has been done on your site already?
  • What shape is the website in?
  • How much content is on the website?
  • How competitive is the sector yours in?
  • and many more.
  • No two websites are ever starting from the same point, even if they’re in the same industry and competing for the same customers.

However, here is a reasonable assessment of what your SEO efforts might look like during the initial months and the results you might expect.

Yes, we provide white label services to agencies.
It’s your client.  Your gig.  We act as your SME on a consultancy base, working for you to deliver a website, content or SEO services for your clients.

Web Development Services

It is called Technical Optimisation, because it focuses on the structure of the site, content labelling, and page load time & speeds. The main goal of technical SEO is to optimise the website’s infrastructure. Common SEO fixes cam include…

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Recent Work

With expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional results, we have had the privilege of working on exciting projects for prestigious clients like Pylewell Park, the Cravens Group, and Goldtrack.

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Digital Services For Cravens Group

Craven Group is a leading consultancy providing professional advice and implementation of marketing strategies for landmark residential and mixed-use property developments.

Based in the UK, with domestic and international clients, the business delivers professional destination branding, campaigns, collateral, digital and strategy.

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Digital Services For Goldtrack Track Days

Goldtrack is a distinguished provider of track day experiences in the UK and Europe, catering to enthusiasts eager to test their performance cars in a safe, controlled setting.

They offer the chance to drive your own car on renowned circuits like Silverstone, Anglesey, and Spa Francorchamps, famed venues in professional racing.

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Pylewell Park Digital Services

Pylewell Park is a historic estate that doubles as a premier event venue. Known for its enchanting 19th-century house, sea views and expansive gardens, it offers an idyllic setting for weddings and events.

The venue combines the charm of its historic architecture with the natural beauty of its surroundings, providing a unique and elegant backdrop for any occasion.