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Order Digital Services

Interchangeable technical, analytical and content creation SEO services.  No account management fees or hidden extras and the full-day & project rates are negotiable.  Order digital services and Luke from SEO-Hampshire will be in touch.

From £35.00 Per hour

Interchangeable technical, analytical and content creation SEO services

Whether maintaining your WordPress or Drupal, analysing data, performing technical SEO improvements or creating digital/printed content.

Digital web solutions at an affordable rate, we find your ranking opportunities and tailor your content to match.

Technical SEO

Site speed, meta tagging, integrations and ensuring identified keywords are indexed in Google

Technical Services

Technical SEO  is the process of laying solid foundations for growth.

Anyilitical SEO

Data analysis to measure results, improve conversions and identify opportunities

Analytical Services

Interpreting the data, Identifying ranking opportunities, lowering bounce rates, improved conversions.

Content Design

Creating relevant content with a view to improve visit duration and conversion

Creative Services

A complete creative an production solution including Copywriting, Video, Animation, Motion Graphics, Design and more.

Digital Services Showreel

Understanding the power of video in today’s digital landscape is important.  We provide a range of comprehensive digital services that are designed to bring your vision to life, engage your audience, and amplify your brand’s online presence.

Flexible Support Packages for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Our maintenance packages are tailored specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, offering a range of services designed to keep your digital operations smooth and efficient.

Whether it’s regular updates, tracking, content creation or technical support, we provide scalable solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Hours per year

  • WordPress, Drupal and their related components update on average once every two months. Sites that are not maintained with the latest security fixes are prone to be hacked by an army of hack bots waiting to exploit vulnerabilities.
  • The six hours a year package can scale up or down as needed (4 hours a year is our minimum level of engagement) and covers offsite backups, web checks and free site restoration from backups in the event of a disaster.

Days per month

  • Our preferred level of engagement. With one day a month we are able to fully manage your website(s) and following implementation of technical fixes, begin keyword tracking and targeting.
  • We have the time to analyse, report on insights and begin to create content and landing pages to match your terms.
  • Services are interchangeable between, technical, analytical and creative. With 8 hours a month you are on the road to steady growth.

Hours per month

  • Suitable for businesses, committed to growing online, first stages of the project are very much targeted at some analysis and site structure updates. Ensuring the web crawlers can access and interpret your pages data.
  • Four hours a month allows for your site to be security patched & maintained, time is available for some content creation, whether in the form of blog writing, graphic design or video production