advertising promotion google display network what is it

Display Network Adwords PPC Advertising

Google's Display Network, encompassing millions of websites, videos, and apps. Brand awareness, placing your ads in front of your ideal audience.

advertising promotion google display network what is it

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Advertise with video in Google Display Network - SEO Hampshire

Display Network Adwords Video PPC Ads

Unlock expansive visibility with SEO-Hampshire’s services for promotion on Google Display Network (AdWords PPC Advertising).  Google’s Display Network, encompassing millions of websites, videos, and apps, to place your ads in front of your ideal audience. Our service includes precise targeting, creative ad development, and continuous optimisation to ensure your message resonates across this diverse ecosystem. Leverage the full potential of the Display Network to enhance brand awareness and engagement through effective PPC campaigns.

This agency has been specifically set up to provide affordable animation and video production solutions for display network Adwords video PPC advertising campaigns.  An entire solution from scripting to targeting delivery using Adwords whilst performing other forms of off/on-page SEO and tracking metrics.

What is the Display Network?

The Display Network consists of some 2 million independent and Google owned websites, and apps.  The displaynetwork allows you to post rich media Ads, such as banners and videos .  Google specific websites include, Youtube, Gmail, Blogger and Google Finance.

The main difference between the search and display networks is based upon the users intent,  in the search network Ads are expensive because they are ‘demand’ based, eg a users query in Google search.  To be effective, these types of Ads have to be highly optimised and targeted and should include landing pages set up to easily facilitate the users demand (see cro).

Video Ads on YouTube are far cheaper as in reality are a form of interruption-based advertising, eg skippable video ads.  However, with increased volumes of views and impression, they are highly advantageous.

PPC – The Importance of Audience Relevance

The key to any advertising is in getting your product or service in front of the right audience, not just the biggest. For exmple a local car dealership wouldn’t be well served placing ads on children’s content.

Alterntivly a  toy company placing ads on a late-night comedy shows would equally see a poor return despite achieving sufficiant views.  They would  both reaching a lot of people but not the relevant types of people associated with the viewed content.

How the Display Network Works

Display Network ads are displayed on websites across the internet that have embeded Google AdSense in to their code.  Any website owner who adds AdSense to their website should receive an income from impressions and clicks from advertisers who promote on the Display Network.   A promotor uses Google Adwords to place an Ad in both the search and display networks.

What are the advantages of the display network?

1. Visual PPC Ads

The display network allows you to use much more engaging, emotive visual ads. These visual ads can be animated to make them even more effective. When placed on a relevant website, visual ads significantly increase click through rates and generally achieve higher conversions than text based ads.

2. Video Ads On YouTube 

Video Ads shown on YouTube are only counted as a view if over 30 seconds is played.  The cost of views are dramatically less than what you would see in the search network, making this form of advertising highly cost effective for brand discovery.  YouTube is the second largest network on the planet.

3. Reach A Larger Audience with PPC

With over 2 million websites in the display network, this greatly increases the exposure and reach of your adverts.

4. Cheaper Cost Per Clicks (CPC) 

Compared to the default Google search platform, the cost per click on the display network is usually far cheaper. This means you can still attract clicks to your site from people who are interested in your product or service without having to pay extortionate search network fees.

An illustration of Network costs per keyword

Looking at the search term ‘free bedtime stories for kids’ in the search network and as a video ad in YouTube (display network)

  • An average cost per click in Google Search Network would be $2.98 (£2.27)
  • An average cost per view in YouTube part of Google’s Display Network can be as little as  $0.03 (£0.02)

5. Different PPC Pricing Models – CPM & CPC

Cost per click (CPC) is a  payment model many advertisers are familier with, but within Google’s display network, it’s possible to change from CPC it to CPM. Known as cost per mile, CPM you are effectivly paying for 1000 impressions.  This can be cheaper than the cost per click.  For example, if you’re paying £1.00 per click, but the CPM works out at £9.00, then as long as you get more than 10 clicks from the 1000 impressions then you’ll be better off using the CPM model.

6. PPC Remarketing Ads

One of the best features on the Google display network is their remarketing ads. They increase your chances of getting converting customers, and are cheap to run.

If a person visits your website by clicking on a PPC ad but it doesn’t convert into a completed goal, this isn’t necessarily a lost lead.

With a remarketing ad campaign,  you can create an entirely new campaign which only targets users who have visited your website. Google display network, tracks users via cookies and can display your ads to users after they have visited your site.

These types of Ads can also bring back these “lost leads” and turn them into converting customers. This is done by continually reminding the users about your product when visiting different websites.  Increasing brand familiarity and your chances of getting a conversion.

The Disadvantage of the Display Network

The biggest disadvantage of the Display Network is that you’re not targeting prospects searching for your products or services;  Like traditional TV advertising, you are interrupting people as they visit another site within the Display Network.  That’s why display advertising is sometimes referred to as “Interruption Marketing”.

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Brand awareness and visibility with Display Network AdWords Video PPC Ad services. Drive targeted traffic and boost engagement with compelling video ads and banner placements.
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Brand awareness and visibility with Display Network AdWords Video PPC Ad services. Drive targeted traffic and boost engagement with compelling video ads and banner placements.  When not focusing on client projects, our expertise is honed on our own platforms.

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