advertising promotion google search network what is it

Adwords PPC Search Network Services

Optimise your PPC campaigns to ensure maximum visibility and ROI. From keyword research to landing page optimisation, we tailor strategies to drive targeted traffic and conversions.

advertising promotion google search network what is it
Google Adwords Search Network Promotion - SEO Hampshire

Adwords PPC Search Network Advertising Services

For new clients the first thing we will never do is offer a PPC advertising campaign in the Google Search Network.  Seo-Hampshire focuses on SEO improvements to infractucture and content, on the premise that every organic click for any targeted keyword is highlighting a fiscal value of our service.

The official line (from most marketers) is that you can get a PPC campaign up-and-running in less than an hour. And if done correct start generating clicks as soon as your Ad is approved.  Unfortunately, clicks don’t translate into sales, especially so if you have only spent an hour setting up a campaign.

Performance metrics are only measured in clicks and not in conversions. Too often we see cases where businesses have lost money through PPC Ad campaigns that didn’t convert and many more cases where businesses become over-reliant on this sales channel alone.  To be successful, a PPC Search network campaign has to be highly targeted, highly relevant in ad copy and landing page with a very simple clear call to action on your Ads Goal.

Organic SEO takes time, However, when a business needs immediate results AdWords used in the search network is quite the opposite.  Targeted correctly these clicks/leads from Search Network Ads will convert.

Placing PPC Ads in the Search Network using Adwords 

When you advertise on the Google Search Network, using Adwords and setting a budget, your ad will show in search results after someone searches for a term related to one of your pre defined keywords, interests or user demographic.  Placement and clicks are based upon bid amounts as you would find in an auction.

The new Yellow Pages
  • Think of Google Search Ads as a combination of an auction for placing an ad into the yellow pages.  In running an Adwords Ad in Google search you are competing for placement and the ranking of your Ad.  Factors influencing Ad ranking and the cost of your clicks include.
  • The maximum CPC you are willing to pay
  • The quality score of your Ad and landing page.

* Improving the quality score of your Ads landing page can lead to a reduction of your CPC and an improvement of your Ads placement ranking.

How the PPC Search Network Works

Mostly for text based ads, when a promotor uses Google Adwords to place an Ad in the search network, the ad will be displayed in one of Googles or its partners SERPS pages (Search Engine Results Pages).

Adwords PPC Campaign Setup Fails

Campaign settings can result in unnecessarily large budgets being spent and the controllability of the campaign being restricted. It is always best to separate search and display network campaigns and micro-target your Ad groups in your campaign.

Broad matches are good at the start of a campaign but should be monitored with a view to implementing exact matches at the earliest convenience.  As an example, if your keyword term was ‘water skiing’ on a broad match the ad could hypothetically be placed with search terms such as ‘waterworks’, ‘waterboarding’, or even ‘drinking water’.

If a keyword is used with a minus sign in front of it, you are instructing Google to block delivery of your ad on that search query.  As an example: ‘Anti-virus software’  If you use negative keywords like -free you are able to exclude delivery of the ad to users who likely have no intention to buy.

Any single ad group should only contain keywords that match the users intent.

Linking analytics to AdWords is essential since you can then obtain additional data such as the length of stay, the bounce rate or  e-commerce sales, this data can be made available in both platforms.

Successful ads give the user the feeling that they are being understood and the solution is just a simple click away.

Setting the goal to match the term.  The ad text should match the search query. The headline on the landing page should be similar to the Ad title and the headline should be followed by relevant entry and call to action.

What are the disadvantages of advertising in the search network?

When advertising and since we are a video content SEO agency, our preference is in promoting videos in the Display Network.  Both networks use Adwords as their Ad campaign submission interface and the same rules and techniques apply to each network.  However prices are drastically cheeper in the Display Network.

One of the most important aspects of Search Advertising is intent.  Your ads are being triggered when a user is searching for what you’re selling or offering. This reactive form of marketing is also known as demand marketing.

It can take months to rank for pages organically and being dependent on this factor alone can be perilous. Placing an Ad in the search network can place your product or service at the top of search results on the same day.

In order to rank a page well in SERPS, you need content.  Usually around 500 words along with other rich content such as associated media.

As a result, your goal is sometimes lost in the clutter.  A landing plage designed with a simple, clear, call to action doesn’t need any of this padding and can be beneficial for the user experience, and in completing a sale or goal.

Disadvantages of PPC Advertising in the Search Network

You pay whenever your ad is clicked, regardless of whether that click converted into a sale or not.  It is likely a substantial percentage of clicks will be received from visitors who have no intention of buying your product or service.

If your competitors are already using Google AdWords, this might a reason why you wish to start your own Adwords campaign. But the competition can be fierce and in some industries clicks can be as high as $50, competing for clicks against your competitors has the effect of increasing demand causing the cost per click to go up.

AdWords will only run while you have a budget in place, once spent the ads turn off.  Compare this with SEO which requires a longer-term investment, and has the benefit of a much-improved ROI

With a steep learning curve when it comes to AdWords, mistakes can be expensive. You need to invest quite a lot of time after the campaign’s been set up to ensure that it has been done properly, and then you need to keep monitoring it to find out what’s converting and what’s not.

Google looks at the quality and relevance of your landing pages.  By improving your website’s landing pages, your Quality Score will be increased, which result in either paying less for clicks or improved Ad ranking.

For the user, there needs to be a clear defined simple to use ‘Call to Action’.  This Ad specific landing pages need to be optimised along with your campaign and it is recommended that CRO Analysis & SEO is performed.

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