worpress design maintenace services seo hampshire

WordPress Website Design & Maintenance

WordPress Website Design & Maintenance services. We develop SEO friendly websites using WordPress, Woo Commerce and Avada frameworks.

worpress design maintenace services seo hampshire

WordPress Web Design & Maintenance

SEO-Hampshire provides a range of WordPress development services which includes creative design, support, maintenance, content creation and hosting services.

WordPress Website Design & Maintenance - SEO Hampshire

WordPress is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2, meaning its free to use and modify the software for your own purpose and without a licence.

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The Avada theme framework provides versatility and powerful design tools that enable us to quickly create visually stunning, highly functional sites tailored to your unique business needs.

WordPress Web Design Services

Question – Why is it that, we see so many clients websites built a by agencies, where page layout spreads are governed by backend PHP template, CSS and java files?

Simple answer – Money.  In this approach anytime you need to make a change, you need to go back to the agency.

When building a WordPress site we prefer to licence a professional theme since this saves our clients a small fortune in design costs and has the benefits of optimised and supported code and the very best interface for creating their own content.

This site was themed and populated using Avada, which in its self comes with over 50 pre-configured (entire sites) and thousands of style varients, meaning we have had more time and budget to focus on creating the content and focusing on the SEO.

Avada Theme Template Preview

WordPress Website Design & Maintenance - SEO Hampshire

How much to build a WordPress Site?

Building a WordPress instance, within a test environment or in a new domain or subdomain can be done in a few hours.   Hosting this the site online, albeit in ‘coming soon’ mode has benefits, since it is good for collaborative working and approvals.  Guide price £200

Theming/skinning the site.  The presentation layer defines the look and feel of your site.  Excellent professional theme templates exist which can be purchased. Guide price £60.

Initial wordpress setup & config – Installing & Config of plugins, setting up user accounts and permissions, populating the contact page/form, building a tempory coming soon page, etc – Guide price £150

So on a guide budget of around £400 you have built the framework and partly populated your website.  Content creation & SEO is charged at a separate hourly rate.

WordPress Website Support & Maintenance

The three main rules of computing.  Backup, Backup, Backup!
Typically for bugs fixes or security patching WordPress is updated on average of every 2 months.  Before any update is performed database and filesystem off-server backups MUST be taken in case the need rollback.   Patches are applied and some basic testing is performed to ensure the site/cms has not lost any functionality.

Our Web Support, SEO & Maintenance Services

It’s not all about ensuring your website is patched.   What about the web checks?   Our WordPress maintenance service is scalable to your business requirements or the frequency of new content being published and includes a number of web checks, such as the examination of search console, analytics, data alerts, key term values and technical SEO reports.

The minimum level of maintenance we will take up when working with small businesses is 4 hours per year (One hour per quarter).   This is generally enough to keep everything up to date and for us to be able to offer guidance on the content.

Our clients also have the peace of mind knowing that off-server backups have been taken and that disaster recovery from back-ups is part of the maintenance service.  (No extra fees)

Software Updates for WordPress

WordPress core update an average of every 2 months. Typically for bugs fixes or security patching.  Updates can also add new features which can improve the sites overall design and performance.  Software updates are usually for WordPress core, themes and plugins..

Plugin Management for WordPress

Plugins, (known as modules in Drupal) are bolt pieces of software for WordPress created by independent developers, containing.  As WordPress is updated so too are these separate applications.

Software Conflicts in WordPress

Although it is possible to perform the updates yourself, doing so is quite a time-consuming exercise, stressful and risky. It’s important to have updates performed regularly by a professional developer who knows what they’re doing and who can roll back or tackle any issues that may arise from the update.

Security Issues affecting WordPress

Keeping your WordPress website core, plugins and themes up-to-date will prevent your website from being vulnerable to malware infections and outside attacks.

A lot of hacking is performed, by Hackbots where they test they ping domains and test the vulnerability of the site and webserver.   As soon as a problem is identified by WordPress or one of the plugin developers an update, and release a new version.

Quite often Hackers will capitalise on these documented security issues and update their hack bots with this exploit, with a view to targeting sites that haven’t updated their cms software.

For hackers, it’s not usually about stealing information, usually, the primary intent for hijacking your site/web server is to use it as a spam server for emails or to act as a zombie in part of a botnet used for attacking other domains.

Google detects these malware intrusions.  Your domains reputation is damaged.  And to protect other users who may get infected throttles down your placement in search engine results pages.

Our Website Maintenance Tasks:

We have a set of tasks we want to accomplish within a support hour

Updates to WordPress Core & Theme

If the WordPress Core or Theme installation is not up to date, the website gradually becomes less stable and secure.  It won’t perform at the level it should be and can lead to a negative impact on search engine rankings.

WordPress Plugin Updates:

Like any other software, plugins are susceptible to intrusion and need to be running the latest version,  updating plugins can have additional benefits in the form of bug fixes, new functionality and enhanced performance.

Off-site Backup Service:

We have seen entire file systems wiped out on web servers as a result of malicious intrusion.  Disaster recovery from the latest backup files & database is part of service offering.  No hidden costs.

Web checks Service:

We look at the external factors, which can indicate the health of your website, including Google Analytics,  search console, data alerts, the value of the key phrases you wish to be found on and technical SEO reports, indicating where you may wish to make in-site changes.


We set up email alerts tracking dramatic changes in traffic patterns.  Eg No visitors over a 4 to 6 hour period could be an early warning signal indicating that a site is down.


We implement a number of site & performance enhancements,  this can range from webserver configuration, WordPress caching, merging of CSS & java files and even image optimisation.   We look at how to improve and maintain your page & site speed.

Comment Moderation:

Comments on your webpage can be a great value providing value in the form of additional information and generating discussion.  Comments also act as a positive signal to Google on the page’s authority so they improve the ranking of a page.    Unfortunately, like email, comment postings are often used for spamming.

If these spam comments become visible to your other visitors,  the user experience on the page is damaged.

Market share trends for CMS systems

Market share trends for content management systems.  Data source w3techs . WordPress powers around 60% of all the websites on the Internet illustrating how good it is for less-complex websites like portfolio’s, everyday blogging, local business services and for anyone looking for an easy-to-manage site that doesn’t need a web developer to add content like a blog post or new service page.

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If you're envisioning a new website that stands out in the digital landscape, our platform of choice is the Avada theme on WordPress. Harness the power of flexibility and customisation to create unique, visually appealing, and highly functional websites tailored to your specific needs.
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Using WordPress with Avada Luke Kemp, is a web developer, SEO and content creator who when not working with clients continues to develop digital output and integrate the services of his own websites.

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