What are the risks of PPC

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PPC - Pay Per Click Risks The main risks with a PPC campaign is in paying for clicks that are not converting,  campaigns that are not optimised for completion or poor targeting can cost your business a fortune. Full article on  Search Network Adwords PPC At a glance here is a summary. 1.

What are LSI Keywords?

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What do LSI Keywords Stand For? LSI - Short for 'Latent semantic indexing'  is a system search engines use to analyze the other words people use surrounding a given topic. LSI keywords are words and phrases with a high degree of correlation to your target topic. Google's algorithm uses them to help determine the content quality and

Is SEO worth the investment?

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Is SEO worth the investment for businesses? A better question to ask is what is the value of my keyword click if running a PPC Campaign. PPC Keyword clicks can vary wildly depending upon the industry your in. Mortgage lending PPC clicks can be as high as £50 whereas a local pest control company

How much does seo cost in the UK?

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If you pay for an SEO service, fees are normally £250-1000 a month for small to mid-sized businesses.  Hourly SEO rates for freelancers and agency range between £35 and  £120 per hour The value of the SEO is highly dependent on two things – the ROI and whether any shortcuts have been taken to increase

What is Technical SEO?

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Technical SEO, What Is It? Technical SEO is a process of optimising a website for the crawling and indexing phase. With technical SEO, you facilitate a search engines ability to access, crawl, interpret and index your website accordingly. By Definition Technical Optimisation Is the act, process, or methodology of making something (such as a

How long does it take to complete Technical SEO?

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The time it takes for Tech-SEO to be completed? The duration of time needed to implement the suggested changes can vary depending upon the type of website (HTML, Drupal, WordPress) and the amount of content that needs updating. For new clients on a monthly SEO plan,  we may sometimes do a code sprint, batching

How Long Does It Take For SEO To Start Working?

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The Time It Takes For SEO To Start Working? A golden question. And the answer is that it depends.  So what are the influencing factors? How long your website has been around? How much SEO has been done on your site already? What shape is the website in? How much content is on the

Can I run my own technical SEO audit?

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How To Run A Technical SEO Audit? You can run your own technical SEO audit.  There are some great free tools, which will give you a fairly good feel to how well your websites technical architecture is performing such as  Google Page Speed Insights, for page speed's & performance. And Seoability where you can check

How do you implement Technical SEO?

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How do you go about implementing Technical SEO? Following a technical SEO audit We will have an inclination as to what is needed. To implement this first stage technical updates. Typically some time is spent on keyword analysis so that we know how to focus your site content. When applying fixes, technical SEO problems

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