How To Run A Technical SEO Audit?

You can run your own technical SEO audit.  There are some great free tools, which will give you a fairly good feel to how well your websites technical architecture is performing such as  Google Page Speed Insights, for page speed’s & performance. And Seoability where you can check the integrity and structure of any single page.

If the page you submit to these sites scores poorly, you will no doubt need a fuller analysis. We can help with 1 hour free SEO.  These services from Google & Seobility are great for spotting faults & performance issues, but they do not analyse the quality of your keywords or content.

Google PageSpeed Insights
Free SEO Page Audit From SEOBILITY

Google Page Speed Insights, for your webpage speed performance.  Seoability SEO Checker analyses your website and provides tips on technical optimisation.

What is an SEO audit?

You want your content to be relevant to the people who show up to your site.

The old SEO tactics won’t cut it. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, setting up multiple pages for different keyword variants, and trying to use multiple microsites to drive traffic.

Within the past decade, criteria and ranking factors have changed dramatically.

Sites that are mobile-friendly and optimised for user intent are favoured.

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