SEO Hampshire General FAQ’s

General FAQ’s for SEO Hampshire Archives – SEO-Hampshire.  SEO Hampshire FAQ’s, Answers to common questions you may have about website growth online.

Is SEO worth the investment?


Is SEO worth the investment for businesses? A better question to ask is what is the value of my keyword click if running a PPC Campaign. PPC Keyword clicks can vary wildly depending upon the industry your in. Mortgage lending PPC clicks can be as high as £50 whereas a local pest control company

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How much does seo cost in the UK?


If you pay for an SEO service, fees are normally £250-1000 a month for small to mid-sized businesses.  Hourly SEO rates for freelancers and agency range between £35 and  £120 per hour The value of the SEO is highly dependent on two things – the ROI and whether any shortcuts have been taken to increase

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