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SABER without doubt one of our favourite after-effects plugins and is named because the developers (being Star Wars fans) wanted to play with lightsabers and who can blame them?

The Saber plugin has around 50 existing presets and generates features like glow falloff and wind distortion.  Saber also has the ability to apply its effect to a mask path or a text layer.   These paths can be followed and layered which results in some beautiful logo reveals or special effects.

We work from your logo vector files to create sabre effects animation.

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Transform your logos with the Saber plugin and trim paths effects in After Effects. Achieve exceptional logo reveals in minimal time. Ready for a stunning visual upgrade? Get in touch with us today.
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Saber Demonstration

Preview the power of the Saber After Effects plugin through Video Copilot’s demonstration, highlighting its capability to replicate effects from Harry Potter to Star Wars. See what you can achieve with this dynamic tool for visual projects.