About BoodleBobs


Boodlebobs are a set of  26 short stories written by children’s author Jo Kemp.  Jo wrote the original scripts for Chorlton and the Wheelies and Jamie and the Magic Torch in the late 70’s where she adopted a gentle, narrative style with little regard for political correctness and both series attracted a cult following.

Preempting the question most SEO fear.   “If you’re that good… Why haven’t you done it for yourself?”  BoodleBobs has been used as a platform to develop our SEO and animation skills with the benefit of developing our own brand as we went along.

We have learned invaluable lessons from running a YouTube channel whilst creating the BoodleBobs cartoons.

  1. With 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, it is difficult to get the content served.
  2. SEO in YouTube starts with research & planning for a video, good thumbnails & titles are the best bit of SEO you can do for increasing click rates.
  3. Videos getting on pushed by YouTube are done so on a criteria of acceleration, inbound links, watch time & engagement.
  4. The cost of promotion on YouTube is a fraction of what you would spend on other Ad channels like FaceBook or in Googles search network

BoodleBobs Children's Brand

  • BoodleBobs’s has been used as a platform to develop our SEO and animation skills with the benefit of developing our own brand as we went along.The immediate goal for this website is to see the completion of the content and focus on building our community and build some form of education tie-in.

Amazon Publishing KDP & Print On Demand For Our Children’s Book

Amazon publishing KDP and print on demand for our children’s book ‘Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book’. BoodleBobs was not working or gaining momentum on YouTube despite our experiments into different genre’s like music and sketches. To make matters worse, at the time YouTube had just been fined around $100,000,000 million by the FTC over COPPA violations.

Channels with content featuring or made for kids, lost key functionality such as comments, likes, appearance in suggested videos, community functionality and 90% of potential Ad revenue.

We stopped at 8 bedtime story cartoons. The BoodleBobs project seemed to be dead on its feet, however we were in lockdown I had time to complete the character set, more for a sense of completion than anything else. So spent a couple of months just focusing on the story character design’s, backgrounds and posting the stories on the BoodleBobs.com website with a view to presenting the 26 stories into a single Ultimate Alphabet Story Book.

Publishing is a minefield, different formats more suitable to different types of e-readers. ISBN’s can be complicated and there seems to be not one single system that can get your book out to multiple channels other than if you go through a publisher, who takes another 30% on top of the other outlet commission.

Using Amazon as a single channel to launch our book we have been able to enter it into the KDP select program, where our book is exclusive with them for 90 days.

Our original children’s stories had quite a slow pace and they were quite difficult to animate. By introducing a presenter lead story, we will have gained three distinct advantages.

  • It occurred to me that a single digital puppet talking to a camera is very easy to animate. This would vastly cut animation times and allow for interesting transitions and cut scenes, so could animation be viable again?
  • Brand identity. Having Grannie Annie as the central MC, The Ultimate Alphabet stories and the BoodleBob stories would become easily recognisable.
  • We would be able to make the cartoons a bit more fun and suitable for a mixed audience setting, opening up the YouTube functionality we require to grow the channel.

Advantages Of Print on Demand Books. Print on demand is exactly what it implies’s.  Books are printed as they’re ordered by the customer.  Financial risk is reduced for the self-published author.  Because you are supplying a digital file, this facilitate’s updates to the book if later revisions are needed.  Most of all with print on demand, your book is always in stock.

Pricing our children’s book for full-colour print on demand.  Not an easy task when you take in all the contributing factors, such as competition, printing costs and retail outlet commissions.

We worked our pricing on the following assumptions

  • The average illustrated children’s book typically runs up to 30 pages and has a price tag of £5.99. In contrast, Granny Annies Ultimat Alphabet Book contains 26 stories and has 162 pages.
  • Retail commissions for A4 books are typically 60%
  • We want the book to be affordable without devaluing the content.

We came to the conclusion that £18.99 was a good benchmark price and the costs break down like this

  • Printing 162 pages and cover – £9.00. (The true sum is slightly over this but has been rounded down)
  • 60% Retail commission after printing costs  £18.99 (Sale Price) – (£9.00 printing )= £9.99 / 60%  Retail Commission = £5.99
  • The total profit on each individual book sale on this example calculation would be £4.00

Coppa stands for the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.   And is about the collection of data from a child without adult consent.

Personal identifiers (Cookies) have been served to devices used by children which enable the running of lucrative personalised Ads.

Contextualized Ads Vs Personalised Ads
A personalised Ad is where Google looks at the viewer’s data and serves an Ad based on their viewing history
A contextualized Ad is similar to the Ads you would see if you switch on a traditional TV

The collection of this data (cookies) has been found to be in breach of the coppa law and all American owned tech companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc) will put in measures to comply in 2020.

The focus of responsibility has shifted to the content creators who can face up to $46,000 for incorrectly marking their content.    Content that is designated for kids will lose key functionality needed for growth within YouTube.   If Ads run, they will be contextual Ads, not personalised Ads.   Revenue is expected to drop in the region of 60% to 80%.

Definition of what’s made for kids,

  • What is the subject matter of your video?
  • Whether children are your intended audience for the video
  • Whether the video includes child actors or models
  • Whether the video includes characters, celebrities or toys that appeal to children, including animated characters or cartoon figures.
  • Whether the language of the video is intended for children to understand
  • Whether the video includes activities that appeal to children
  • Whether the video includes songs, stories, or poems that appeal to children

Granny Annie Cartoons

Research indicated that multiple story characters lead to brand confusion. To rectify this we have introduced Granny Annie into the role of story narrator.

This has significant advantages for improving the pace of the cartoons as well as simplifying the animation process.

Only the first Granny Annie cartoon is being released on YouTube for the time being. Subsequent cartoons will all be released on the BoodleBobs website first.

  • Publisher: SEO-Hampshire/BoodleBobs
  • Author: Jo Kemp
  • Illustrator / Animator: Luke Kemp

Grannie Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book – Available On Amazon Print On Demand

26 x Stories, one for each letter of the alphabet.  Buy Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book.  We use Amazon print on demand.

Granny Annie's Ultimate Alphabet Book
  • Price – $26.99 – £18.99
  • Genre – Children’s fiction
  • Ages – 4 and up
  • Print length – 162 Pages
  • Language – English
  • Publication Date – 15th March 2021
  • Dimensions – 21.01 x 0.97 x 29.69 cm
  • Delivery by – Amazon

Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book Description

“WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF BIG WORDS and playfully encourage their usage”. Quote By Granny Annie

Granny Annie is mindful of all the book readers including the adults who are often called upon to read the stories many times over.

So that everyone can enjoy the reading experience, the stories are funny, warm and intriguing.

Children will very easily relate to the humour leaving the adults to enjoy some of the more obscure references.

More than just an A-Z alphabet book. It has been written to encourage children to use their imaginations while expanding their vocabularies in a fun and creative way.

Each letter of the alphabet is catered for creating a family of lasting lovable characters that young (and older) readers can relate to in everyday life.