Brand Development Online SEO & Content Design For Hampshire Construction Group

Keeping the contact number very much at the heart of this website’s design was requested by this family-run Hampshire-based construction group. They requested this because they know their customers… And they were right.

Brand Development Online SEO WordPress Content Design - SEO Hampshire

Brand Development Online SEO & Content Design For JSS Scaffolding Hampshire

To facilitate relevant photos, we set up image gallery’s on the businesses Facebook page and then used the Facebook gallery plugin from smash Ballon to display relevant images on the website.   This was done to simplify the update of new website content using FaceBook’s tools while out on job or location.

Following the completion of the new JSS scaffolding site. As of June 2021, our services have been secured for 16 hours a month for digital brand development, Online SEO & Content Design.

Hours per month

  • Hosting, Maintenance, Development, Analysis, Content Creation & SEO for multiple websites in the JSS Group of businesses
Local SEO Services - WordPress Web Designer - SEO-Hampshire

Websites In Development

Building the sites on the same code base will simplify the transfer of relevant service or content between the different domains.

Brand Development Online SEO WordPress Content Design - SEO Hampshire

Specialist in scaffolding for Industrial, marine and telecommunications enterprises.


Safety Netting
Specialist in safety rigging equipment services in Hampshire & Dorset.


Lifestyle Containers
Converted shipping containers into offices, portacabins and lifestyle spaces