Jo’s Pet And House Sitting West Dorset

Getting the technical right at website launch was important to us.  With Jo’s Pet and Hose keeping we were responsible for the very beginning, from choosing the best domain name, brand design, development, marketing and performance metric’s.

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Brand & Digital Services

  • Choosing a keyword-rich domain name has proven beneficial for Jo’s Pet & House Sitting, focusing on enhancing local search visibility. We’ve integrated Google Business and customer reviews to boost our local presence effectively. Additionally, we use Facebook for community engagement and promotions. Our next steps in content strategy include sharing before-and-after images and launching ‘Furry Friends Diaries,’ a blog where Jo will post selected photos of client pets, further personalising our service and connecting with Jo’s audience.

Jo’s dog Mr O became the hero of the day, and this lovable black lab was enhanced with Midjourney AI to look five years younger and at his peak.

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Graphic Design, Building personality into any brand.

  • SEO-Hampshire Graphic Design Service – We experimented with the suggestion of animals cared for but decided to keep the logo readable and colours in reflection of Jo’s tastes and personality.  The pinks of 1950s American candy shop typeset, are in stark contrast to the warm greys used in the website’s styling.

About Jo’s Pet & House Sitting – The Care Of Homes And Pets While You Are Away


Jo’s Pet and House Sitting is based in Bridport, West Dorset. Highly respected Jo is the go-to for trusted pet and home care in the local area. Housesitting and housekeeping for long and short durations, Jo also provides specialised care for dogs, cats, horses, and poultry.

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  • SEO Scan Report for Jo’s Pet & House Sitting Website.