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Technical SEO Project For VIP Cosmetic Lounge

VIP Cosmetic Lounge Bournemouth SEO

Cosmetic Lounge Bournemouth Technical SEO Project – Working with Phil Allen from were asked to identify & resolve issues restricting growth in Organic Search.

Single Project To Resolve Ranking Issues

  • Keyword research, Page optimisation, Content optimisation, Keyword Tracking
  • This site was built weblium – We can optimise any CMS

SEO Project – Technical Optimisation For Beautician

Here we have a website built on the Weblium CMS platform illustrating the fact that no matter the platform, we can optimise.

Infrastructure was good so the initial time was spent researching relevant keywords, selecting on volume and value, then it was a process of knitting these target keywords into the content and structure, concentrating on page focus by removing anything unnecessary.

Technical SEO Project For VIP Cosmetic Lounge Bournemouth

Technical SEO Score 93%

The problem we have with with CMS web-services companies like Weblium / Squarespace / Wix etc is that there are built in constraints on what the system can and can’t do. Plug-ins can be limited and these type of sites we generally feel are geared up for brochure type websites.

We were quite impressed with Webliums page speed performance indicating they have some seriously good infrastructure. Page load times are a major factor within SEO.

With technical SEO, we are look to improve a search engines experience, its ability to access, crawl, interpret and index your website’s content. Page focus is the process of being found for the keyword you wish to be found for.

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