Super Recognisers International Training Recruitment & Testing Portal

Can you remember faces with almost superhuman precision? You might be a Super Recogniser.

The Super Recognisers International website serves as a dedicated recruitment and training hub for individuals with this extraordinary ability to never forget a face.

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Super Recognisers is a term used for people with an extraordinary face-recognition ability. The average person can only remember about 20% of faces they have seen but Super Recognisers can successfully identify over 80% and have proved to be far superior to computer recognition systems.

This skill (innate ability) can be tested and is recognised by the military, police and private security services.

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  • Partnered with Alex from Yellow Alpaca Design New Milton.Online brand development & SEO training event and test booking portal built in WordPress with integration into BookingHound payment system.
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Keyword Research For Super Recognisers

We were asked to build this sign-up page separate from the main domain, Alex from Yellow Alpaca Design was developing the graphics. And it was time to look at keyword suggestions and volumes with a view to selecting a new domain name.

After noticing a spike in the keyword research, where people were looking to take ‘online super recogniser tests’. We looked at popular pages with this key term. The site showing all this traffic was University of Greenwich, (a pioneer in the science of Super Recognition) and the traffic was hitting their free Online Super Recogniser test page. The page count for this test/calculator was in the millions .

By naming this site after the target key-term, we anticipate relevant traffic, phase two of the project will be to develop a range of new super recogniser tests and monetise this content using Adsense.

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Online Business Optimisation At Build Stage

The advantage of using an SEO firm to build your website is that we identify opportunities at the offset by channelling page focus and bringing to light opportunities that are often missed.  There is also the major benefit of resolving the majority of technical problems before they become compounded when page templates are eventually duplicated.  As a general rule of thumb, we spend 60% of the time getting the page template right.

A lot of website owners build a website and then decided they need SEO.   Here’s a thought…. Do it the other way round.