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Calum Lockie is a professional racing driver who has won multiple championships including British GT and multiple British Endurance Championships.

As a race driving instructor Calum can always be found at Goldtrack track day events where you can book to take your car around one of the legendary racing circuits such as Goodwood or Silverstone.  Book your next track day with Calum & Melindi at  www.goldtrack.co.uk

** Update – As drupal 7 reached end of life and due to its simplicity of use and glossy look we migrated Calum Lockie to WordPress Avada.  See later post

Hours per month

  • Drupal 7 Hosting, Maintenance, Development, Analysis, Content Creation & SEO.

    4 hours a month allows for all the technical management & backups, web checks whilst continuing to increase the sites page count

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Calum Lockie And Sir Jackie Stewart

One of my favourite photos from Calum Blog,  here we find him just after a win alongside Sir Jackie Stewart.

Drupal 7 End Of Life

Support for Drupal 7 will be withdrawn as the product reaches its end of life, granting us the opportunity to rebuild Calum’s website, with a view to implementing a site that best works for Calum.

As a celebrity, Calum has mature social accounts as such we will be looking for the best solution for integrating these accounts into his new website no matter the CMS platform.