Super Fast Website For Hampshire Wildlife Pest Control

Hampshire Wildlife Pest Control – Manage deer populations, provide general pest control services and deep clean/decontamination services in East Hampshire.


Now to be absolutely crystal clear, I explained to John at HWPC.   PPC (Pay Per Click) is not SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and being told by his provider that increasing of  Ad budget for more SEO was incorrect and misleading.

Especially so since the existing Ad campaign/budget had not worked and was achieving anywhere close to its ROI.

SEO, CRO & WordPress Web Design & Hosting For

  • Special thanks to John from HWPC for providing this review – Luke from SEO Hampshire has gone above and beyond the initial scope to give my website a make over.He has research my Industry area, local competition and made a website technically brilliant in my option, designed to get the phone ringing. I would have no hesitation in recommending SEO-Hampshire.

About this SEO project

When your SEO recommendation is to wipe the slate clean and start again even at the domain name level, it is important that you deliver the goods.    The existing WordPress website theme lacked functionality and was difficult to update.   Other problems included…

  • Large Hero File Loads
  • Misuse & Lack Heading Structure
  • Low Word Counts
  • No Keyword Targeting
  • No Descriptive Alts
  • Missing Meta Data
  • Slow Performance
  • No Clear Goals Or CTR
  • Historic data missing as no analytics
  • DR Score of only 1
Super Fast SEO 1st CRO Website Design - SEO-Hampshire

With performance speed metrics benchmarked at 0.12 of a second.   These scores can only go up further when the content begins to receive backlinks.   An absolute SEO win!

The Work Brief

The brief for this project was to initially make the website and services visible in Local SERPs and to create the foundations for organic growth.  In a nutshell, make the website hit its page goals of being found in SERPs and seeing some form of goal completion via form submission or telephone call.

The Solution

  1. Dump the existing domain name and rename and redevelop the website as so that the keyword/search term ‘pest control’ was loaded at the domain level ranking criteria – This technique is called frontloading the search term.
  2. Blow the entire annual SEO budget and rebuild from the ground up.

Web Design Approach

Having looked at a number of local and national pest control websites,  I took the view that I wanted to use graphical representations of the animals and control service type rather than real-world photographs.  This has the added benefit of extremely small image file sizes, increasing the page time to interactive responsiveness.