Doug Kemp Art Gallery

Pop Art Gallery & Store With Adsense Passive Income

A WordPress brochure website & storefront with AdSense for Doug Kemp’s pop art gallery and e-commerce website is a labour of love since it features my father’s artwork created since attending the Royal Academy some 60 years ago in the 1960s.

doug kemp pop art gallery home page


This site soft-launched in the second week of January 2022. Highly optimised for technical SEO, the challenges have been obtaining quality photography for paintings that have been placed into storage or have been sold.

In a completely new domain ( DR score of zero) we are delighted that revenue is already being generated using Adsence and that there is an exponential growth in SERPS impressions and CTRs.

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  • Special thanks to Norman Kemp who has been of great assistance in talking to Doug on a daily basis to obtain the content (back stories) we needed to build this website. At 83 Doug and computers don’t really get along. Doug is still painting and producing limited edition artist prints in 2022
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