Rich Content WordPress SEO Website For Alex Truesdale Wills

Capitalising on Alex Truesdale’s subject matter expertise and existing documentation on the subject of estate planning and wills, working with Alex Lopez from Yellow Alpaca were able to produce a rich content website on this specialist topic of Will Writing.

seo and wordpress web design for alex truesdale wills seo in Hampshire

Built on WordPress and hosted with us, as well as containing an abundance of useful information, site features include a glossary of terms explaining some of the legal jargon used, content locker and funnels for generating qualified leads and integration with Mailchimp for newsletter signup and re-marketing.

This (almost) brand new site has already received 75,000 impressions in SERP’s over a three month period.   The next stage of the project will focus on page ranking and outreach.

SEO, WordPress Web Design & Hosting For Alex Truesdale Wills

  • In conjunction with Yellow Alpaca Design New Forrest. WordPress Web Design Services From SEO-Hampshire
Wordpress Website Design With Mail Chimp Integration - SEO Hampshire

What Is A Rich Content Website?

A rich-content website quite literally is a website that has content people want to read or use as a resource. On these types of websites more content is usually beneficial, the content should also be unique, informative and provides value for the target audience.

A rich content website has significant advantages for many small businesses, I would consider the highest on the list would be the fact that it demonstrates to the user, their expertise on the service, product or topic.

Rich content tends to keep visitors engaged with business longer, this, in turn, helps strengthen bonds and creates trust.

Business Development & Launch

What is a pages function? Who is your market. The initial offer from Super recognisers are the availability of an Online course where anyone can develop their super recognition skills or have the experience. There is a professional course suitable for military/police/private security and finally a SR metrics test, which can be used as part of a users cv / employment credentials.

It is noted that 80% of professionals that have achieved certification, receive a pay rise.

SEO Services For Alex Truesdale Wills - SEO Hampshire

Technical Optimisation At Build Stage

The advantage of using an SEO firm to build your website is that we identify and solve the majority of technical problems before they become compounded and replicated, such as when page used as a template is duplicated.

As a general rule of thumb, getting the format and structure 100% spot-on for a single page is 100 times less laborious than having to edit multiple page sets.

Optimisation scores for Alex Truesdale during WordPress website build.