WordPress Design & Hosting For An Electrician Based In The New Forest 

This was an entire site rebuild. When asked by Joe Burke the business owner to look at problems with his website, we could instantly see that it had been built by an agency JNR (and a fresh one at that). Redirection loops, 401’s, it was that bad, not even the metadata had been populated.

Worse – The site had been built in such a way that it was difficult to create content and simple label changes had to be done in the back-end PHP template files, which they only would do as billable hours. It was rubbish!

Joe closed his account with the agency and repointed his DNS to his new site and server.

WordPress design hosting for new forest electrician havi Homepage - SEO Hampshire

WordPress Web Design & Maintenance For Havi Electrical New Forest


Joe’s Burke’s background is in film production and as a business owner specialises in lighting design, home cinema and smart home systems. Bread and butter work is very much local domestic and commercial electrical installation & inspection work.

Lighting control systems, lighting design and entire home automation systems are Joe’s USP and for this type of work, Joe works internationally.

Credit – Logo design Fiona at www.kificreative.co.uk

Hours per year

  • 4 hours a year is our minimum level of engagement and is suitable for sites that don’t often increase their page count.This plan covers software maintenance & disaster recoveryIf IT is not your thing, but just need an online presence, in this plan we have a 30 day system state roll back facility (Sites do get hacked). We also hold an off server backup of your CMS, perform regular web checks. We also provide you with an annual summary, that you will be able to understand.
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Google Search Performance

It is no surprise to find out the pages that have worked best for havi.co.uk have been the blog posts focusing on specific specialised services such as Nest installations.

The challenge we face here is that the business has a domain name rival (havi.com) which is a large provider of services to the distribution industry.

Over the year the increase of impressions have been successful with approximately 273k, but the underlying CTR is low at 0.4% indicating that a lot of the search terms are languishing on page 2 or 3 of SERP’S.

It could be the solution to rank for the valuable keywords we want, will be to retain the havi domain name as the holding company only and spin up separate sites for local-based electrician work and a separate site for smart homes & cinema.

In this scenario. To ensure no loss of existing traffic you would put in place a 301 redirect (typically done in the .htaccess) from the old pages into the new ‘keyword front loaded’ domains.