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Google Analytics Setup & Reporting

What Is Google Analytics?  Google Analytics is a world leader when it comes to getting an overview of a website’s performance. It is available with free and subscription services, which can integrate with other platforms.

Once the tracking code is inserted into a site a wealth of information is provided which allows web site owners and operators to create better strategies on their digital-based storefront.  In doing so allows for a better-informed decision, which leads to an increase in sales and conversions.

“Google Analytics is the global standard of choice when it comes to providing web owners a lens into the performance of a website. It helps identify the number of visitors on our site, the path that people took to get there, the locations they came from and behavioural attributes such as user path, visitor duration, bounce rates and exit pages”

Google Analytics An Overwhelming Amount of Data

We can help with installing google analytics on your website and work with you on interpreting the results and building optimised content.  Understanding and defining a webpages purpose and eventual goal is the first important factor to consider when setting up analytics.

“Why you may need help with data from Google Analytics.  Simply put the amount of data is overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It takes a trained eye and experience to interpret the data and assist in updating content.”

SEO-Hampshire Google Analytics Setup Service Checklist

A nine-point checklist to work through when setting up a Google Analytics account.

  1. Ecommerce tracking
    Which can be skipped if you don’t sell items from your site.
  2. Goals
    So that conversions can be tracked. A conversion is when a visitor completes the desired action on your website.
  3. Connect to AdWords
    For when you run a promotional campaign.
  4. Site Search
    To find out where your users are having difficulties on your site
  5. Campaigns
    Google Analytics can track any URL that you can edit. Emails, Facebook, banner ads, you can track individual campaigns.
  6. Safety net profiles
    Each analytics accounts needs three profiles, raw data, test and live. This is done as a form of redundancy to prevent corruption of data.
  7. Filter out your internal traffic
    Set exclusion IP’s from your home, business or developer to filter out misleading information.
  8. Connect to Google Search Console
    See the keywords that provide the most impressions, its ranking and clicks.
  9. Custom Alerts
    Set up custom email alerts for example dramatic changes in traffic volumes.

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With the insertion of a snippet of tracking code, a mind bending amount of information is revealed on your websites activity. Setting up the analytics account correctly then interpreting the data are the next logical steps.

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