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Keyword Research and Keyphrase Tracking

Keyword research and key phrases are analysed and then based upon the value, demand, competitiveness and difficulty in the ranking are then strategically added to the content to achieve ranking boosts in SERPS.

Before any content updates are performed it is important to identify where you are ranking already, with a view to enhancing the existing content or creating an entirely new post.

Why should you research keywords

Researching keywords and key-phrases saves you money, allows for targeting pages content to that particular search term and provides significant insights into what potential customers are looking for.

The purpose of keyword analysis is to look at the following and then target

  • Search volume on a particular keyword or key phrase.
  • The value of the keyword or key phrase.
  • The perceived competition for the keyword or key phrase.

Keywords by Search Volume

On a typical 2% click-through rate, is it better to be ranking on a page with 1,000 searches a month or 10,000 searches a month?   Its the difference between 20 organic clicks and 200 organic clicks.

Keywords by Value

Do you know the value of your keywords and search terms?  If you are using the search network to bring in traffic,  quite often you can save money by using keyword analysis.  As an example

  • ‘Track days brands hatch’ – has a search volume of 35,000  per yer and a Cost Per Click (CPC) value £0.75
  • ‘Brands hatch track days’ – has a similar volume of searches but the  CPC value is lower at £0.65

The perceived competition for keywords or key-phrases

Where we make a call whether we should focus on long tail specific key phrases because competition for shorter keywords is too fierce.

Researching keywords gave us the name of this site

  • Our website ‘seo-hampshire.com ‘ was initially going to be called ‘seo-newforest’ until we performed keyword analysis and noticed ‘seo-hampshire’  was by far the best search term to utilise in the domain name since ‘SEO Hampshire’ had the best volume metrics

Tracking Keyword Ranking Service

Tracking your keyword rankings is the best way to learn how well you’re performing in the organic search results for your target keywords over time.

Google Analytics /Search console is specific for your site visits and whilst does indicate organic clicks and their terms, they do not provide insights into your daily ranking positions for these terms.    We offer keywords tracking services.

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Keyword / KeyPhrase Research & Tracking

Keyword research is the process by which you research popular search terms people type into search engines like Google, and include them strategically in your content so that your content appears higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

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