What Is Local Search Optimisation?

Local search optimisation.  Part of the process of getting your business listed in Google My Business. In doing so your business is listed in Google maps and in local based searches.

In being listed in Google My Business  when customers are searching for a business or specific services, typically from a mobile device results are generated dynamocally based upon your device’s GEO location.  By definition, local search optimisation helps local businesses show up in relevant locally based searches.

Mobile searches are by ‘default’ local

If you are searching from a mobile or if you have allowed Google to track your location when searching from Desktop, you don’t have to type a location in your search query because Google already knows your location.

In other words, if you are physically located in Southampton and typed in ‘Thai restaurants’ on Google search from your mobile, Google will return the same results as if you typed ‘Thai restaurants in Southampton’ from a desktop computer.

The same results would be served for a search for Thai restaurants near me.

What are the benefits of local SEO?

Appearing in GEO local based search –  The metrics differ in local-based SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) since local listings are favoured over national.  Claiming and optimising your local business listing means your available in map-based searches too.

Increase in conversions – Visitors to a website from local-based searches are highly targeted. As a result, conversion rates tend to be higher.

Local brand recognition  – People searching for businesses in your area will likely have heard about you, brand recognition is already there, appearing in local-based searches makes you more accessible.

Higher return on investment – An optimised website for local search can generate more value to a ‘brick and mortar’ or local ‘based service’ business since the key goal is to seek local customers searching the web for a specific service or business in their area.

This generates a higher return on the investment made and potentially faster growth than companies who don’t take advantage of this.

How is local SEO different than general SEO?

With local SEO your targeting searches for a specific geographic (GEO) location.   With general SEO the focus is geared towards global wide keyword, key phrase searches.

For local SEO optimisation, you also need to provide location-specific content and make full use of Google MyBusiness.

Top Tip for Google My Business & Local Based Searches

Most clients we talk to are usually unaware that within Google My Business, not only can you classify your business in a primary category, two additional sub categorys are available . In updating your listing to include these sub categorys, your reach (exposure) is significantly increased.

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Local Search Performance Scan is provided by Luke Kemp, who is a web developer, SEO and content creator. When not working with clients continues to develop digital output and integrate the services of his own websites.

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Google My Business Category List

Google My Business Categories Listings 2020 – Because there are too many words to list over the entire A to Z of Google Business categories, we have added them to an external Google Sheet.  Typically, you should not exceed 4000 words per page on any web page content.

 Download/access the entire list of Google My Business Categories Google Sheets list