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What Is Local Search Optimisation?

Local search optimisation.  Part of the process of getting your business listed in Google My Business. In doing so your business is listed in Google maps and in local based searches.

In being listed in Google My Business  when customers are searching for a business or specific services, typically from a mobile device results are generated dynamocally based upon your device’s GEO location.  By definition, local search optimisation helps local businesses show up in relevant locally based searches.

Mobile searches are by ‘default’ local

If you are searching from a mobile or if you have allowed Google to track your location when searching from Desktop, you don’t have to type a location in your search query because Google already knows your location.

In other words, if you are physically located in Southampton and typed in ‘Thai restaurants’ on Google search from your mobile, Google will return the same results as if you typed ‘Thai restaurants in Southampton’ from a desktop computer.

The same results would be served for a search for Thai restaurants near me.

What are the benefits of local SEO?

Appearing in GEO local based search –  The metrics differ in local-based SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) since local listings are favoured over national.  Claiming and optimising your local business listing means your available in map-based searches too.

Increase in conversions – Visitors to a website from local-based searches are highly targeted. As a result, conversion rates tend to be higher.

Local brand recognition  – People searching for businesses in your area will likely have heard about you, brand recognition is already there, appearing in local-based searches makes you more accessible.

Higher return on investment – An optimised website for local search can generate more value to a ‘brick and mortar’ or local ‘based service’ business since the key goal is to seek local customers searching the web for a specific service or business in their area.

This generates a higher return on the investment made and potentially faster growth than companies who don’t take advantage of this.

How is local SEO different than general SEO?

With local SEO your targeting searches for a specific geographic (GEO) location.   With general SEO the focus is geared towards global wide keyword, key phrase searches.

For local SEO optimisation, you also need to provide location-specific content and make full use of Google MyBusiness.

Top Tip for Google My Business & Local Based Searches

Most clients we talk to are usually unaware that within Google My Business, not only can you classify your business in a primary category, two additional sub categorys are available . In updating your listing to include these sub categorys, your reach (exposure) is significantly increased.

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Local Search Optimisation Service

Local search optimisation is the process of helping businesses show up in relevant 'geographic coordinate' locally based searches. Typically these results are served to a mobile device since relevance is based upon your devices physical location.

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What are LSI search terms?

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Google My Business Categories 2020

Google My Business Categories Listings 2020 – Because there are too many words over the entire A to Z of categories, it was damaging our SEO scores, so we have added just a sample.  Typically on a web page you should not exceed 4000 words per page.

 Download/access the entire list of Google My Business Categories list (Feb 2020)

Local Search Optimisation Google My Business Categories 2020 (A to D)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Organisation
Aboriginal Art Gallery
Abortion Clinic
Abrasives Supplier
Abundant Life Church
Accounting Firm
Accounting School
Accounting Software Company
Acoustical Consultant
Acrobatic Diving Pool
Acrylic Store
Acupuncture Clinic
Acupuncture School
Acura Dealer
Addiction Treatment Center
Administrative Attorney
Adoption Agency
Adult Day Care Center
Adult DVD Store
Adult Education School
Adult Entertainment Club
Adult Entertainment Store
Adult Foster Care Service
Adventure Sports
Adventure Sports Center
Advertising Agency
Commercial Photographer
Advertising Service
Aerated Drinks Supplier
Antenna Service
Aerial Photographer
Aerial Sports Center
Aero Dance Class
Aerobics Instructor
Aeromodel Shop
Aeronautical Engineer
Aerospace Company
Afghani Restaurant
African Goods Store
African Restaurant
After School Program
Agenzia Entrate
Aggregate Supplier
Agistment Service
Agricultural Association
Agricultural Cooperative
Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural High School
Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer
Agricultural Organization
Agricultural Product Wholesaler
Agricultural Production
Agricultural Service
Agricultural Service Supply Agency
Agriculture Cooperative
Agrochemicals Supplier
Aikido Club
Aikido School
Air Compressor Repair Service
Air Compressor Supplier
Air Conditioning Contractor
Air Conditioning Repair Service
Air Conditioning Store
Air Conditioning System Supplier
Air Duct Cleaning Service
Air Filter Supplier
Air Force Base
Air Taxi
Airbrushing Service
Airbrushing Supply Store
Aircraft Maintenance Company
Aircraft Manufacturer
Aircraft Rental Service
Aircraft Supply Store
Airline Ticket Agency
Airport Hotel
Airport Shuttle Service
Airsoft Supply Store
Alcohol Manufacturer
Alcohol Retail Monopoly
Alcoholic Beverage Wholesaler
Alcoholism Treatment Program
Alliance Church
Alsace Restaurant
Alternative Fuel Station
Alternative Medicine Practitioner
Alternator Supplier
Aluminum Supplier
Aluminum Frames Supplier
Aluminum Welder
Aluminum Window
Amateur theater
Ambulance Service
American Restaurant
Amish Furniture Store
Ammunition Supplier
Amusement Center
Amusement Machine Supplier
Amusement Park
Amusement Park Ride
Amusement Ride Supplier
An Hui Restaurant
Anago Restaurant
Andalusian Restaurant
Angler Fish Restaurant
Anglican Church
Animal Control Service
Animal Hospital
Animal Park
Animal Protection Organization
Animal Rescue Service
Animal Shelter
Animation Studio
Anime Club
Antique Furniture Restoration Service
Antique Furniture Store
Antique Store
Apartment Building
Apartment Complex
Apartment Rental Agency
Apostolic Church
Appliance Parts Supplier
Appliance Rental Service
Appliance Repair Service
Appliance Store
Appliances Customer Service
Apprenticeship Center
Aquaculture Farm
Aquarium Shop
Aquatic Centre
Arborist and Tree Surgeon
Archaeological Museum
Archery Club
Archery Event
Archery Hall
Archery Range
Archery Store
Architects Association
Architectural and Engineering Model Maker
Architectural Designer
Architectural Salvage Store
Architecture Firm
Architecture School
Argentinian Restaurant
Armed Forces Association
Armenian Church
Armenian Restaurant
Army & Navy Surplus Shop
Army Barracks
Army Facility
Army Museum
Aromatherapy Class
Aromatherapy Service
Aromatherapy Supply Store
Art Cafe
Balloon Artist
Balloon Ride Tour Agency
Balloon Store
Ballroom Dance Instructor
Bangladeshi Restaurant
Bankruptcy Attorney
Bankruptcy Service
Banner Store
Banquet Hall
Baptist Church
Bar & Grill
Bar Restaurant Furniture Store
Bar Stool Supplier
Barbecue Restaurant
Barbecue area
Barber School
Barber Shop
Barber Supply Store
Barrel Supplier
Bartending School
Baseball Club
Baseball Field
Baseball Goods Store
Basket Supplier
Basketball Club
Basketball Court
Basketball Court Contractor
Basque Restaurant
Bathroom Remodeler
Bathroom Supply Store
Battery Manufacturer
Battery Store
Battery Wholesaler
Batting Cage Center
BBQ Area
Beach Cleaning Service
Beach Clothing Store
Beach Entertainment Shop
Beach Pavillon
Beach Resort
Beach Volleyball Club
Beach Volleyball Court
Bead Store
Bead Wholesaler
Bearing Supplier
Beauty Product Supplier
Beauty Products Vending Machine
Beauty Products Wholesaler
Beauty Salon
Beauty School
Beauty Supply Store
Bed & Breakfast
Bed Shop
Bedding Store
Bedroom Furniture Store
Gyudon Restaurant
Beer Distributor
Beer Garden
Beer Hall
Beer Store
Belgian Restaurant
Belt Shop
Berry Restaurant
Betting Agency
Beverage Distributor
Bible Church
Bicycle Club
Bicycle Rack
Bicycle Rental Service
Bicycle Repair Shop
Bicycle Store
Bicycle Wholesale
Bikram Yoga Studio
Bilingual School
Billiards Supply Store
Bingo Hall
Biochemical Supplier
Biochemistry Lab
Biofeedback Therapist
Biotechnology Company
Biotechnology Engineer
Bird Control Service
Bird Shop
Bird Watching Area
Birth Center
Birth Certificate Service
Birth Control Center
Blast Cleaning Service
Blind School
Blinds Shop
Blood Bank
Blood Donation Center
Blood Testing Service
Blueprint Service
Blues Club
BMW Dealer

Categories A to D for local search optimisation. Download the entire list of Google My Business Categories (Jan 2020)  as a csv

Local Search Optimisation Google My Business Categories 2020 (E to H)

E Commerce Agency
E-commerce Service
Ear Piercing Service
Earth Works Company
East African Restaurant
Eastern European Restaurant
Eastern Orthodox Church
Eating Disorder Treatment Center
Eclectic Restaurant
Ecological Park
Ecologists Association
Economic Consultant
Economic Development Agency
Ecuadorian Restaurant
Education Center
Educational Consultant
Educational Institution
Educational Supply Store
Educational Testing Service
Eftpos Equipment Supplier
Egg Supplier
Egyptian Restaurant
Elder Law Attorney
Electric Motor Repair Shop
Electric Motor Store
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Equipment Supplier
Electrical Installation Service
Electrical Repair Shop
Electrical Substation
Electrical Supply Store
Electrical Wholesaler
Electrolysis Hair Removal Service
Electronic Engineer
Electronic Parts Supplier
Electronics Accessories Wholesaler
Electronics Company
Electronics Engineer
Electronics Exporter
Electronics Hire Shop
Electronics Manufacturer
Electronics Repair Shop
Electronics Store
Electronics Vending Machine
Electronics Wholesaler
Elementary School
Elevator Manufacturer
Elevator Service
Embossing Service
Embroidery Service
Embroidery Shop
Emergency Call Booth
Emergency Care Physician
Emergency Care Service
Emergency Dental Service
Emergency Locksmith Service
Emergency Room
Emergency Training
Emergency Training School
Emergency Veterinarian Service
Employment Agency
Employment Attorney
Employment Center
Employment Consultant
Employment Search Service
Engineering School
English Language Camp
English Language Instructor
English Language School
English Restaurant
Entertainment Agency
Envelope Supplier
Environment Office
Environment Renewable Natural Resources
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Health Service
Environmental Organization
Environmental Protection Organization
Episcopal Church
Equestrian Club
Equestrian Facility
Equestrian Resort
Equestrian Store
Equipment Exporter
Equipment Importer
Equipment Rental Agency
Equipment Supplier
Eritrean Restaurant
Erotic Massage
Escrow Service
Espresso Bar
Estate Appraiser
Estate Liquidator
Estate Planning Attorney
Ethiopian Restaurant
Ethnic Restaurant
Ethnographic Museum
European Institution
European Restaurant
Evangelical Church
Evening Dress Rental Service
Evening School
Event Management Company
Event Planner
Event Technology Service
Event Ticket Seller
Event Venue
Exhibition and Trade Centre
Exhibition Planner
Extended Stay Hotel
Eye Care Center
Fabric Product Manufacturer
Fabric Store
Fabric Wholesaler
Fabrication Engineer
Facial Spa
Factory Equipment Supplier
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Sports
Fair Trade Organization
Falafel Restaurant
Family Counselor
Family Day Care Service
Family Hotel
Family Law Attorney
Family Planning Center
Family Planning Counselor
Family Practice Physician
Family Restaurant
Family Service Center
Farm Bureau
Farm Equipment Repair Service
Farm Equipment Supplier
Farm Household Tour
Farm School
Farm Shop
Farmers’ Market
Fashion Accessories Store
Fashion Design School
Fashion Designer
Fast Food Restaurant
Fastener Supplier
Fax Service
Federal Agency for Technical Relief
Federal Credit Union
Federal Government Office
Federal Police
Federal Reserve Bank
Feed Manufacturer
Animal Feed Store
Felt Boots Store
Fence Contractor
Fence Supply Store
Fencing Salon
Fencing School
Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui Shop
Ferris wheel
Ferry Service
Fertility Clinic
Fertility Physician
Fertilizer Supplier
Festival Hall
Fiat dealer
Fiber Optic Products Supplier
Fiberglass Repair Service
Financial Consultant
Financial Institution
Fire Fighters Academy
Fire Protection Consultant
Fire Protection Equipment Supplier
Fire Protection Service
Fire Protection System Supplier
Fire Station
Firearms Academy
Fireplace Manufacturer
Fireplace Store
Firewood Supplier
Fireworks Store
Fireworks Supplier
First Aid Station
Fish & Chips Restaurant
Fish and Chips Takeaway
Fish Farm
Fish Processing
Fish Spa
Fish Store
Fishing Camp
Fishing Charter
Fishing Club
Fishing Pier
Fishing Pond
Fishing Store
Health Club
Exercise Equipment Store
Fitness Equipment Wholesaler
Fitted Furniture Supplier
Flag Store
Flamenco Dance Store
Flamenco School
Flamenco Theater
Flea Market
Flight School
Floating Market
Floor Refinishing Service
Flooring Contractor

Categories E to H for local search optimisation. Download the entire list of Google My Business Categories (Jan 2020)  as a csv