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Drupal Website Design & Maintenance

SEO-Hampshire provides a range of Drupal development services which includes creative design, module development, site theming and support & maintenece services.  Members of for over 10 years.

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Drupal web design and maintenance service SEO Hampshire

Drupal is the most technically advanced of the open-source CMS Systems.  Coding your own PHP you can build modules to pull any data out of the database, perform processing and then output it to the screen web service.

Drupal is highly customisable and exceptionally good for websites requiring scalability and complex content organisation.

High Profile Drupal Websites

  1. Nasa – The US agency for civilian space program, aeronautics research, and aerospace research.
  2. ABS-CBN News – The news division of the ABS-CBN Corporation.
  3. Tesla – Cars, clean energy generation and storage products.
  4. Entertainment Weekly – A site owned by Time Inc., which covers film, TV, music, theater, books etc

Drupal Design Services

There are over a million sites using the Drupal CMS. And with a massive open source community, there are thousands of developers constantly building new modules, themes, resources and security patches for existing code.

We are adept at designing, building and populating drupal sites.

Maintenance & Performance, Drupal Support Services

Drupal Support and Maintenance Services for end-users and website owners. We maintain Drupal with security patches, code updates, backups and recovery.

Drupal performance optimisation for SEO, improving the speed of your Drupal website for improved ranking.

Software Updates for Drupal

Drupal updates can occor monthly. Typically in the form if bugs fixes or security patching.  Updates often  add new features which can improve the drupal sites overall design and performance.  Software updates are usually for Drupal core,  its themes and contributed modules..

Modules in Drupal

Modules, (known as plugins in WordPress) are bolt pieces of software for Drupal created by independent developers, containing.  As Drupal is updated so too are theses separate applications.

Software Conflicts & updates in Drupal

It is possible to perform the updates yourself, however doing so is quite time consuming, stressful and risky. It’s important to have updates performed regularly by a professional developer who knows what they’re doing and who can roll back or tackle any issues that may arise from the update.

Security Issues affecting Drupal

Keeping your Drupal website core, modules and themes up-to-date will prevent your website from being vulnerable to malware infections and outside attacks.

Hacking is usually performed, by Hackbots where they test by pinging domains and test the vulnerability of the site and webserver.   As soon as a problem is identified by Drupal or one of the plugin developers an update, and release a new version.

Hackers will quite often capitalise on these documented security issues and update their hack bots with this exploit, this is with a view to targeting sites that haven’t patched their software.

For hackers, it’s not usually about stealing information, usually, the primary intent for hijacking your site/web server is to use it as a spam server for emails or to act like a zombie in part of a botnet used for attacking other domains.

Google will detect these malware intrusions.  As a result, the reputation of your domain is damaged.  To protect other users from malware, Google will throttle down your placement in search engine results pages or even block your IP from within its search corpus.

Drupal Website Maintenance Tasks:

We have a set of tasks we want to accomplish within a support hour

Updates for Drupal Core & Theme

If the Drupal Core or Theme installation is not up to date, the website gradually becomes less stable and secure.  Without the updates Drupal won’t perform at the level it should and can lead to security breaches and negative impact on search engine rankings.

Module Updates:

Like any other software, plugins are susceptible to intrusion and need to be running the latest version,  updating modules, have additional benefits in the form of bug fixes, new functionality and enhanced performance.

Off-site Backups:

Entire file systems have been wiped out on web servers as a result of malicious intrusion.  Disaster recovery from the latest backup files & database is part of service offering.  No hidden costs.

Site Health with Web checks:

External web services can indicate the health of your website, including Google Analytics,  search console, data alerts, the value of the key phrases you wish to be found on and technical SEO reports, indicating where you may wish to make in-site changes.


We set up email alerts tracking dramatic changes in traffic patterns.  Eg No visitors over a 4 to 6 hour period could be an early warning signal indicating that a site is down.


For Drupal.  We implement a number of site & performance enhancements,  this can range from web server configuration, WordPress caching, merging of CSS & java files and even image optimisation.   We look at how to improve and maintain your page & site speed.

Comment Moderation:

Comments on your webpage can be a great value providing value in the form of additional information and generating discussion.  Comments also act as a positive signal to Google on the authority of the page so they improve a page’s ranking.    Unfortunately, like email, comment postings are often used for spamming.

If these spam comments become visible to your other visitors,  the user experience on the page is damaged.

Module Development

Creating new modules we are able to implement Hooks which alter and extend the behaviour of Drupal or one of its contrib modules.  Hooks are one of the various ways that code components in Drupal can communicate with one another. Using hooks  we can change how core or another module works without changing the existing code.

What this means in layman's terms

The views contrib module used for sorting and outputting data from the database, the Drupal 7 version alone has been download 11,000,000 times.  Thousands of people have contributed to this modules development in the form of reporting problems and some serious cleaver people coding solutions, enhancements and then posting as a new version. 7.x-3.21 –> 7.x-3.22 –> 7.x-3.23 etc

When creating a new module, usually for a specific bespoke function your business needs.   In using hooks to access Drupal core or one its contrib modules functionality means you don’t have to make changes to the supported codebase and can version up as and when required.

Site Theming

Themes are what make a Drupal website look the way it does.  Part of the presentation layer, themes consist of collection of files HTML, CSS, java typography, for the stylisation of the site.  The three components of Drupal are the Database, the Drupal code base and the theme.

SEO Hampshire

Drupal Website Design & Maintenance based in Hampshire. 

With over 20 years of experience working within Media, Analysis & Web Development. SEO Hampshire’s sister site  BoodleBobs

Drupal Website Design & Maintenance Services

Services for drupal design & maintenance, From Integration's with booking payments systems, performance & SEO, Drupal maintenance & hosting

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Bedtime stories from the author Jo Kemp, BoodleBobs is a growing library of unique children’s books which were first published in the 1980s and are now being made available as an animated video, podcast and downloadable ebooks.  Drupal was chosen for its multilingual functionality.

☑️ Stories translated into English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic & Mandarin
☑️ SEO & performance
☑️ Maintenance & hosting
☑️ Content creation


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Trackdays booking portal for race circuit driver experiences and individual trackday events at various circuits including Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Thruxton, Donnington Park, Oulton Park and  Spa Francorchamps.  Goldtrack run open pitlane trackday events with no queueing.

☑️ Integration with booking payments
☑️ Content design
☑️ Performance & SEO
☑️ Hosting & maintenance