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Graphic Design Services for Logo’s & Artwork

Graphic design service, we use Adobe Illustrator to create logos, infographics, charts, diagrams, graphs and illustrations.

Graphics created in Illustrator are vector graphics, meaning we can scale up to any size or format.  When working on animation or motion graphics we import these vector graphics from Illustrator into either ‘Character Animator’ and ‘After Effects’.

What is the difference between a vector and a standard image?

BMP, .TIF, .JPG, .GIF, and .PNG are all raster graphics which means the image is composed of a set amount of pixels which together form an image.  Scaling up causes degradation of the image, large file sizes are needed for best quality.

Vector graphics are composed of a set of digital points/paths in multiple layers.  Think of it as a set of numbers in a container.  Because of this digitised points in the container can be mathematically scaled up to billboard size if needed.

Logo Design Service

Before we create any logo in illustrator, the first thing we do is listen and then discus with you our assumptions to confirm we understand your brands goal and target market.  A good start for bouncing round a few ideas and styles.   Fiona (senior art director) will develop your brief and will create a set of provisional concepts for disussion and direction.  Illustrator design work for logo’s can be set at an hourly rate, or at fixed price with a set amount of revisions.

All vector files we create for you, are your own and are available upon project completion.

How much does illustrator services cost?

Art Direction & Illustration services are at a set rate of £45 per hour charged in half-hour segments should you only need an export, resize and convert your own illustration into a rasta format.

We can also work on a fixed project rate with a set amount of revisions.

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Graphic Design Services for Logo’s Artwork With Illustrator Content Production

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Graphic Design Service for Logos & Artwork

Illustrator & Illustration Services - From converting an existing .ai file, to full blown illustrations for logos, presentations, motion graphics and packaging

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Logo Design Trends 2020

Using motion graphics to illustrate the work from internationaly based designers, ‘Graphics Mama’, a US based firm showcases the anticipated design logo design trends of 2020, anticipating exciting color combinations, and witty play of shapes. We can animate any logo or graphic from an existing AI file, creating beautiful video intros, lower third overlays, website video headears and more.

Logo Design Hampshire

Logo design & art direction.  We work with you to develop inspiration and association for the logo’s design style, building the right type of logo for you and your target audience.  In a crowded market place, your logo should grab attention, make a strong first impression and is the foundation of your entire brand’s identity.

Character Illustration Design

From a simple pencil designs to full inking , the best character illustrators in Hampshire can be found here.  Illustrated charcters help bring personality and identity to your brand, these designs are often used for presentations, picture books or for importing  in to Character Animator

Car Vinyl Service

car vinyl, stickers, vehicle graphics, decals and vinyl lettering illustrator design services SEO-Hampshire

The best bit of local SEO any business can do is  to be visible in the community on a daily basis.  We use illustrator for car vinyls, stickers, vehicle graphics, decals and vinyl lettering, all at great prices which can also include off site fitting in Hampshire!

Infographic Design

Infographic design services - SEO Hampshire

Infographics are a great way to create linkible evergreen content, backlinks from other websites to your infographic or webpage boosts page authority.  Elements of your infographic can be imported into After Effects for conversion in to motion graphic videos.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design With Illustrator - SEO Hampshire

Adobe Illustrator is the go-to application for package designers since there are a variety of templates to work upon or adapt.  From simple labels to three dimensional objects, we brand and stylise your packaging.   A good external article How to Design Packaging

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