Motion Graphics Animation Service

Motion Graphics Animation Service Hampshire

Motion graphics animation service in Hampshire.  We use After Effects for creating cartoons, lower thirds, logo reveals, explainer videos and special effects.

Motion Graphics After Effects Service - SEO Hampshire

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effect, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of film making and video production.

Motion Graphics Service

Motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer, and add depth to any story.  Together with music and effective copy, motion graphics illustrates an animated message story, text is usually a major component.

We use motion graphics to create ads, title sequences, lower 3rds, logo reveals, explainer videos, section idents and moving wallpaper.

Why is video so great for SEO?

Embedded videos in a webpage can indirectly affect SEO by encouraging visitors to the corresponding page to stay on the page for longer.

Average visitor duration on a page is a key indicator for the authority of a page.

So it’s a win-win situation, as well as being able to send your message visually, you create shareable content and benefit from longer visitor sessions on your web page.

Perfect Love Is Me – Made with Motion Graphics

A promotional song for the BoodleBobs channel, what started out as a humourious  love song for valentines day has developed into a full music release consisting of 6 very different versions on YouTube.

  • Original English Cartoon with intro sound effects
  • Music only version for music streaming (no sound effects)
  • Instrumental (Modern Classical)
  • Spanish (Song in Spanish with Translated & New Lyrics)
  • Hindi (Song in Hindi with Translated & New Lyrics)
  • Country & Western (Restructured music compisition for the C&W vibe)
Awards for our Cartoons- SEO Hampshire
Awards for our Cartoons- SEO Hampshire
Awards for our Cartoons- SEO Hampshire

We have set revenue sharing to ‘on’ with this track, which will mean if there is any online usage for the song or instrumental, we will receive 50% of the revenue generated by 3rd parties.

Motion Graphics example for Goldtrack

After Effects example for Gold track.  The brief  – Create a 12 x 5-second segment separator which can be easily adapted for 12 different racing circuits or call to actions.

This above clip shows a segment separator used for intercutting driving footage from different race tracks ( the section in blue), lower 3rds (pop up text) and a logo reveals which you see at the end.

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Motion Graphics Services in Hampshire. 

With over 20 years of experience working within Media, Analysis & Web Development. SEO Hampshire’s sister site  BoodleBobs

Motion Graphics Animation Service

Together with music and effective copy, motion graphics illustrate an animated message or story. After Effects integrates with Premier (video editing) and Character Animator (Character animation).

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Motion Graphics For Logo Reveals5 Second StingsNever Fail To Impress

Insperation for animated logos.  Nothing you see here will take more than a couple of hours to create.  Posted by TheHotSkills youtube channel, we can see how high quality 5 x second stings can make your brand stand out.   These types of logo stings can be used for openers in presentations, segment seperators and end sequences.

Explainer Videos

The best explainer video we have found on explainer videos, produced by Genious Publicity USA.  Highlighting the benefits of embedded video on websites.

3 key stages for creating explainer videos.

  • Understanding the message and objectives.
  • Script and storyboard writing
  • Styling and Production

Logo Reveals

Beautiful logo reveals.  Branding is important in every aspect of production, and the right logo reveal can really enhance your project and posted the footage.

In doing so your audience is reminded on who you are until until such a point the logo association with your brand is firmly made.

After Effects ‘Effects’

Effects in After Effects.   We are on a continuous learning curve with After Effects and continually experimenting with new techniques and effects.

Black Mixture is a VFX channel we tune in too and this video highlights some very cool features in After Effects,  we have added it to give you ideas for your project.

Presentations and Motion Graphics That Never Fail To Impress