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Neon Your Company Logo Or Brand

SABER without doubt one of our favourite after effects plugins and is named because the developers (being Star Wars fans) wanted to play with lightsabers and who can blame them.

The Saber plugin has around 50 existing presets and generates features like glow falloff and wind distortion.  Saber also has the ability to apply its effect to a mask path or a text layer.   These paths can be followed and layered which result in some beautiful logo reveals or special effects.

We work from your logo vector files to create the animation.  Prices begin from £45.


The Hourglass is a book soon to be released by Jo Kemp, this initial concept trailer (from 30 seconds in) uses Saber to generate two levels of effects on the logo artwork.

  1. Background smoke effect.
  2. A mask path reveal, for the electric flames writing ‘Hourglass’.

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