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Voice over, Audio & Music Production Service

Original music score composition and audio production, including jingles, vamps, full songs, voice-overs, session singers and audio mastering for your social media channel, corporate film, adverts, video, podcast, audiobooks, video game or website.

We create audio for video and can compose in classical, rock, funk, country and western, pop, grunge, hip-hop and dance styles.

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Voice overs sound effects and music production services in Hampshire we use Adobe Audition.  Audition is a professional audio editing application that includes a non-destructive mixing and editing environment.

Adobe Audition can be used for recording and mixing sound projects and creating original or remixed music.

What is non-destructive editing?
  • Non-destructive editing is where you can apply editing controls to an audio sound file without altering the original recording.  These controls could be a volume change, panning, pitch, EQ or any other effect. The benefits of using non-destructive editing and Adobe Audition when creating videos.
  1. You preserve the original recording.. If a mistake is made when applying effects, you simply change the settings directly on to the multi-track without the need to re-edit the audio wave files manually.
  2. It is a much faster approach to editing audio
  3. Audition is part of creative suite and intergrates with Adobe Premier Video Editing application beautifully.

Voice Over Production

To date we have done voice overs in English, Spanish and Hindi.  We help you find the right gender, accent and style from a range of afordible voice recording artists who typically allow for a revisions in their performances.   We can help with your script, the timings and the entire production.   Voice overs for podcasts, audiobooks, radio and video, the first rule in animation is working from a completed guide track.

The video above is an example of our Bedtime story podcastsNigel The Niggly Napkin’ because the focus is on the stories narration with the intension of calming children down for sleep in this version we added very simple animated moon slowly paning out.

Interestingly the CPM (Gross revenue per 1000 playbacks) for this podcast version of the ‘Nigel’ story is 5 x greater than that of the full cartoon version?

Music Production

Teaming up with an award-winning composer whose pseudonym is now and will forever remain ‘Roger’.  Roger can compose music in any style including classical, rock, funk, country and western, pop, grunge, hip-hop and dance.  Roger is the maestro when it comes to original music composition and production, whether its a brand jingle or a full promotional song/music for a corporate film, ad, video, podcast, video game etc

The first song we produced under project ‘Roger’ was called Jump. A children’s song to introduce the BoodleBobs bedtime story characters. Unfortunately, within 48 hours of releasing the song on YouTube, it could be found on numerous free share and pirate sites.

Youtube police’s its own platform, so no problems there.  But what the about plays on other sites and networks?

It was decided a more thorough approach was needed for capitalising on mechanical sales (Plays & reuse on other networks) whilst obtaining all the correct copyright credentials.  As a result, we learned a great deal about mastering and distribution.

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Voice over Audio and Music Production Services in Hampshire. 

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Audio Production & Music Services

One seriously good composer, a producer and a vast network of session singers at our disposal. Music producers in any type of style for any type of content including jingles, vamps, full songs, voice-overs and audio mastering for your content in any social media channel, corporate film, adverts, video, podcast, audiobooks, video games and website.

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What are LSI search terms?

Our Own Music

One Song, five different versions, numerous subversions (eg with without sound effects). 

Doubling down on one piece of content and creating signature music for each language version of the BoodleBobs website.   

All versions are available to buy and download through multiple online sales channels, releasing music officially is the best way to protect your intellectual property.   If you have an AI assistant try saying something like “Alexa, Play Perfect Love Is Me”

Repetative Music Vamps

We use them for setting a mood for a sceene often fading in and out depending on the action,  like opening jingles vapes can associate brand familiarty during a video.   Taken from the musical term ” vamp till ready”  which indicates the accompanist should repeat a simple one or two measure passage indefinantly.  8 bit game designers used vamps a lot in the 1980’s since they took less memory.  The vamp for Tetrus everybody knows.

Session Singers

With improvements in technology and the afordabiliy of recoding equipment which can be installed at home, there has been an explosion of available talent who will often work to a set buy out fee.   As an experiment we wanted to see how well a song could be translated from english into Hindi and Spanish, whilst seeing what it was like working with new artists.

Pefect Love Is Me Song In Hindi

The experience has been overwhelmingly positive, affordable and has opened up a world of possibilities in different styles of vocal talent.

Above is an example of our song ‘Perfect love is Me’ in Hindi.   Working with a talented translator and musician, the lyrics have been changed whilst still maintaining the songs general meaning.  Pefect love is me is a love song for someone who has a very high regard for themself and the animation is a recut of the original english cartoon only (An Alpha version).

Tell Alexa – Play Perfect Love Is Me

Audio Production Services

Original Music comporsition and audio production for your social media channel, corporate film, adverts, video, podcast, audiobooks, video game or website.

Sound Effects Production

We have a number of sound effect libraies which covers the basics for ambiance and motion graphics sound effects. has been a great resouce in the past and deservers a mention.  One of the best plugins we use for creating sounds is in After Effects.  A separate bolt on called ‘Essential Sound Effects for Animation Composer’ since it has a good interface for adjusting the time, pitch and tone.

Essential Sound Effects for Animation Composer

Audio Mastering

The purpose of mastering is to balance the stereo mix, make all the elements sound cohesive, and to reach commercial loudness.  This is achieved through a processes a equalization, compression, saturation, stereo enhancement, and limiting.

Mastering for YouTube and Audio streaming sites is very different as YouTube limits audio levels on upload, some sounds can become less distinctive and need lifting.  We can assist in automatic or manual mastering for streaming services and social networks like YouTube and Facebook.

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