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Webserver Hosting Service

Webserver Hosting Services – Our self managed web hosting packages start from £10.00 per month.   Our servers are UK based and are a Hostdime reseller.  Hostdimes UK datacentre is based in Maidstone which provides great connectivity to the rest of the UK and worldwide.

For your websites, on-line files and/or your domain email accounts, our hosting and support packages came about originally as a result of a client request and we’ve never looked back.

From registering your domain name to providing you with your own ‘Apache’ server, we can set it all up for you while tailoring a hosting package best suited to your business needs.

Our fully-managed business web hosting platform means we’re here to help too if there are ever any issues with your hosting experience.


SSL comes as standard and when setting up we configure the necessary redirects to ensure that there is no duplication of content URL’s

Simple Support 

We act as a single point of contact for support queries so that you don’t have too.

DNS Management

We can assist in pointing your domains DNS entries at your new web server.

Once an account has been set up (on either hosting) we’ll forward log credentials for your servers’ control panel so if you wish you can manage the bulk of what you need yourself. If you’re local and having difficulties. Face-to-face tuition can be booked.

SEO Hampshire

Webserver Hosting & Support Services in Hampshire. 

Some twenty years of experience working within Media, Analysis & Web Development. SEO Hampshire’s sister site  BoodleBobs

Website Hosting

Baffled by web hosting? We offer a choice between standard and cloud based servers and can tailor a hosting and support package to best suit your businesses needs.

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Server Only

  • 5 Gigs Local Storage
  • C-panel Access
  • SSL
  • 10 Gigs Bandwidth

Cloud & App Maintenance

  • 15 Gigs Storage
  • Server C-panel Management
  • SSL Setup and Configuration
  • 50 Gigs Bandwidth
  • Regular off server Backups
  • CMS Security Maintenance
  • Fully Maintained

Security - Peace of mind

  • 15 Gigs Storage
  • Server C-panel Management
  • SSL Setup and Configuration
  • 25 Gigs Bandwidth
  • Quality Off Server Backups
  • Quarterly maintenance tasks, web checks & security patching
  • Disaster recovery included

Do you need a domain registering & hosting? Your in the right place.